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Every day in the United States of America, most citizens and everyday heroes report to work seeking nothing more than doing a good job, having a good life, and providing for family, community, and country. 

It is the nature of organizations and people working together for problems or questions to arise in terms of performance and efficiency at the very least. Other problems or questions can arise that also raise issues and challenges with the specter of legal, moral, and public safety concerns.

In most cases, this is or could be a positive opportunity for problem solving, better communication, and improved performance. In too many other cases, it is a situation in which simply having particular knowledge or expressed concerns creates risk and unwanted conflict or outright jeopardy simply because of what one knows or dared to address. 

The well being of these people, their families, and all those who support them are integral to and essential for the basis of The American Dream. Taken separately together as a whole, they are inherently A Just Cause.


Resource Development

Public Awareness

Critical Support

There is an incredibly great need for resource development that provides for: 1) limiting or preventing organizational, life, and job endangering conflict to begin with; 2) guidance and support for those in or potentially in such circumstances; and, 3) guidance and support after-the-fact for any individual or family that has been impacted-to-devastated by unwanted fallout to outright and often brutal retaliatory action.

There is an equally great need for increased public awareness, empathy, and overt workplace and legislative support for those who find life and job in jeopardy when placed in a position of conflict they generally did not choose and would like to escape. Most especially for those cases in which the conflict escalates to the level of invoking 'whistleblower' protection just to survive.

There is an under-addressed need for immediate critical support for in-jeopardy employees and families (and for actual whistleblowers) in terms of dealing with the unknowns and needed actions for basic function and survival. There is a related and largely un-addressed gaping need in equipping those who encounter these individuals and families for many purposes in humanely and knowledgeably serving and supporting them. 

While it is not remotely possible for any one individual or organization to begin to address the needs of the hundreds of thousands of individuals and families in need of emotional support and concrete practical guidance when confronted with life and job threatening conflicts in the workplace up to and including those situations in which public safety is in question, it is possible to provide proactive training and concrete practical support for those many resources that will come in contact with them. 
A Just Cause
training and support services aim to do just that.


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