"A Just Cause"
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Dedicated to promoting resource development, public awareness, and critical support for all those in the workplace and their  families whose lives and conjoined commitment to truth & public good is a just cause


There are a number of defining features worth noting in advance regarding the services outlined below that will be fleshed out in still more detail in the near future. This includes never losing sight of and optimally serving the needs of whistleblowers and their families in particular - whether in existing cases and/or in planning services, support, and even legislation and media coverage for the future. It includes the effective yet somewhat informal nature of services provided here and the ever present need for more identified and as yet undefined resources.

First and foremost, the services sketched below are focused on the most fundamental human elements or needs of everyone involved in potential and active whistleblower cases as a goal in itself and as the basis for successful outcomes with the least suffering and loss. This is true regardless of setting or combination of direct and indirect clients. It includes the respective emotional needs, skill sets, and perspectives of the continuum of players as they individually affect and are affected by the challenges of the situation. 

Secondly, because almost every setting and situation demands tend to cut across the areas delineated in the previous section of this website, versatile attention is given to bringing into relief the specific challenges for a given context while while making all the pieces fit in terms of what can and cannot be handled by whom, how to coordinate, delegate, and even promote related resources to serve immediate needs and to optimize the whole. 

Thirdly, since the training and support services offered below cannot cover all needs in any setting in one pass, they can be offered in incremental succession and are most effective when also provided as ongoing supplemental support and guidance as needed over time. This provides for efficiency in initial delimited orientation and ongoing optimal support for caregivers as their skill sets and comfort levels evolve in general and as they encounter specific issues or emotional and professional skill challenges as they go.

Lastly, since there are never enough resources available or even in existence for almost any whistleblower case, virtually all the services below are designed to engender a fairly comprehensive and decidedly coherent overview for the needs and issues involved in specific settings and for a more complete system of as a whole. This is intended to create the greatest possible multiplier effect out of training and support expended and to provide and effectively promote models for needed services, public awareness, and legislative support.

Media Support / Panelist / Keynote Speaker

Project Development Advisor / Consultant

Available as advisor, subject, and commentator to the full range of media organizations and professionals regarding the bigger picture, history, and trends of whistleblowers and whistle blowing with an eye to a complete and comprehensive perspective of issues, needs, and social implications. 

Similarly available as panelist participant and planner for groups and conferences exploring the same, including how to run corporate and general cultures protecting and minimizing the need for whistleblowers. 

Available as a keynote speaker discussing the needs, means, and profitability of well informed and ethically operated business and relevant government as well as the personal and collective rewards of life guided by the best of the American Dream and its remarkable principles.

Provide organizational and staff needs / asset assessments, training, and collaborative project design and guided implementation for programs seeking to develop formal programs for intervening with and/or coordinating resources for the personal, family, and financial needs of whistleblowers. 

Provide situational needs assessment and related organizational and staff development for those entities such as legal firms or government services who must work with whistleblowers for official or formal case management purposes but who recognize who need to additionally address the human needs and issues involved for both their staff and clients.  

Available as well for ongoing on-call support in preparation of or ad hoc need in handling whistleblower clients in most settings.



Forensic Data & Organizational Assessment Support

Select Whistleblower Mentoring

Guidance and actual hands on assistance are available in identifying and digging the way through the myriad kinds of documentation and evidence generally possessed in hand and/or provided through discovery provided in formal whistleblower cases and Qui Tam lawsuits.

While this assistance very specifically is not intended as legal counsel or guidance, it does serve to help make practical sense out of what investigative teams or individuals are looking at and/or trying to find. 

This assistance can in include and be helpful for looking at the organizational layout, data management, and management procedures that can prove crucial in knowing where to look for needed information and how as well as how to get ahead of or prevent its distortion and destruction.

Sadly, in terms of the most intimately directly gratifying work in providing the guidance and needed ear as mentor for those contemplating, caught up in, or recovering from formal or even informal whistle blowing, only a very small number of pre-screened clients can be seen at a time or in a year. 

It is important to note these mentor services are available only as part of the attorney screened support services provided in collaboration with Tax Payers Against Fraud. 

With that in mind, more posted referral services, survival guidebooks, and guided program development events and materials will be forthcoming shortly to empower and enhance the abilities of whistleblowers and all those who aim to guide or serve them..





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