"A Just Cause"
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Dedicated to promoting resource development, public awareness, and critical support for all those in the workplace and their  families whose lives and conjoined commitment to truth & public good is a just cause


A wide range of professionals and organizations will encounter in-jeopardy employees and their families up to and including formally declared whistleblowers. This includes those the media and those in the highest levels of government as well as those handling legal cases and/or providing support and assistance from mental health to short term financial aid and emergency housing. These generally capable and dedicated people and groups often need additional informed support in readily accessing information on the needs of this clientele, relevant resources, and in gaining both expert and emotional support for themselves in dealing with them.

 Mentorship Project Development

Sensitization Training & Staff Development

Support Services for Support Servers

The greatest and most immediate need for in-jeopardy individuals and families (facing, caught up in, and/or recovering from conflicts with governmental agencies and/or employers) is someone or some place to turn to that can give: 1) some solid empathetic grounding; 2) some realistic expectations; and,3) concrete steps to cope with and find their way through. Formal mentorship can be developed in or promoted through almost limitless settings and missions.

Sensitization to the issues and needs of life and job in-jeopardy individuals and families can be developed for law firms, government agencies, and a whole range of related de facto caregivers that must both rely on and serve such clients. Relevant skills and protocols can be established for all support service providers encountering the specific needs, collateral damage, and emotional / behavioral fallout for these individuals and families in all settings providing aid for them.

Even with the best laid plans and even established infrastructure for handling in-jeopardy and officially designated whistleblower clients in place, the need for initial to ongoing emotionally grounded and informed support for the support service or related care givers can be the crucial difference highly stressed efforts and failure on one hand or solidly effective results and optimal well being for both the clients involved and the caregivers themselves on the other. 




Preventative Organizational Assessment

Forensic Data Assessment 

Legislative Planning & Design

There are two tandem broad applications for discussing and serving organizational function related to reasonable transparency, effective problem identification and resolution, and sound communication practices to ensure smooth functioning and minimal call for unnecessary conflict or whistle blowing to begin with. This includes proactive preventative support for organizations themselves and the establishment of safe course resources for concerned or at-risk employees in proactively evaluating and correcting circumstances for needed action.

In some cases, digging through and making sense of the almost endlessly diverse forms of information and data related to discovery, depositions, and litigation is straight forward and met with relative cooperation from the in question. In other cases, particularly those involving filing Qui Tam lawsuits with and on behalf of the government,, the more typical response is a tsunami of material intended to overwhelm, bury, and distract that requires particular skill in sifting the relevant from the useless and in making sense of it all. 

Legislative planning and design related to conflict resolution in the workplace (up to and including formal 'whistle blowing') must address the accountability of companies and employers, the reasonable protection of employees, and the equally reasonable prevention of frivolous complaints and litigious abuses. To be relevant, they need to avoid losing sight of the human experience and needs of those protected and served. To be executable, they need to address the myriad interests, resources, and needs of shareholders and decision makers involved.






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