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Dedicated to promoting resource development, public awareness, and critical support for all those in the workplace and their  families whose lives and conjoined commitment to truth & public good is a just cause


The life experience and professional paths of James H. Holzrichter, Sr. are in many ways typical of those who are challenged to become or who are designated with the label of "whistleblower." His basic efforts at problem solving in his workplace took on a life of its own that very nearly destroyed his own life and that of his family - taking them from enjoying the beginnings of the American Dream to living in homeless shelters for a time and having to find their way back to any kind of life on the other side of a nearly two decade long battle for basic survival.

His path and perspective however are anything but typical in many ways that yield a vision of hope and practical strategies for those who find themselves at risk or in overt conflict with employers because of knowledge they possess and/or any concerns that have been or may be expressed, Just as importantly, he possesses the skills and perspectives suited for supporting the myriad professionals and resources that will come in contact with them in handling legal issues, providing emotional and material support, or in advocacy and legislative attempts to proactively prevent such problems in the future. 

As a result of his decidedly unique and active participation in his own seventeen year long and precedent setting Qui Tam case (filed in tandem with the Department of Justice of the United States) and subsequent involvement with organizations like Tax Payers Against Fraud, James Holzrichter has a acquired a somewhat singular perspective of what works and what is needed at all levels. He understands and helps put a face on what survival for individuals and their families looks and feels like at ground level, even as his native analytic skills and view to large to massive self correcting and integrated systems enables him to contribute to both active and proactive problem solving at higher levels. 

Ironically, it is the very systematic and analytic skills that put him at odds with his allegedly government-contract-violating defense contractor employer to begin with that allow James Holzrichter to address current needs in these arenas, including the identification and correction of pervasive discontinuity and major gaps in skills, resources, and services. Just as ironically, it is his success in pioneering efforts such as the Whistleblower Mentoring Project with Taxpayers Against Fraud and in collaborating with other legislative and service oriented groups that brought into relief the less successfully addressed to often unaddressed needs, problems, and issues outlined below.

It is noteworthy, as Jeb White, former CEO of Taxpayers Against Fraud notes in the forward of James Holzrichter's forthcoming book, A Just Cause, that it gives what may be the first "complete picture" on what it is to blow the whistle and endure the consequences. It is also an education in what it takes to win, rally the resources needed to make a difference, and then move on with life. 

With that in mind (and the desire to set time and attention aside for his family that also endured over two decades of punishing assault), James Holzrichter now seeks to promote a more complete vision and coherent continuity of care  for these individuals and families and those who serve them than he or any other one person can provide alone - -  through publishing and by offering select speaking, training, and technical assistance support, Whether working supportively with individuals or appearing before Congress or unprecedented joint training meetings of the Departments of Justice and Defense, his practical perspective and humanizing approach put a face on both those being served and those serving them, and speaks as never before to the whole.

James H. Holzrichter, Sr., was recently awarded the prestigious
'Cliff Robertson Sentinel Award' for integrity before an esteemed
audience of 3,000+ attendees from over 60 countries at the
26th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference

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