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At a time in American history in which personal responsibility, integrity, and the very ideals upon which this country was founded appear all-too-easily sold, abandoned, or neglected into oblivion, this is the inspiring story of one man who could not turn his back on doing what was right, the family who stood by and stood with him, and the heroes both in government and out who stood up and showed up to see him through.  

It is a chillingly personal story of the insidious dangers and devastating reach of unbridled and un-American corporate power, corruption, and greed. It is a heroic reflection of attainable possibility and a cautionary tale of potential decline for a nation teetering on the brink between unfinished greatness and its own demise. It is both inspiration and practical guide into finding our way as individuals, families, and a nation.

It is, above all else, a celebration of heroes.

Patrick A. Horton, PhD

Forward by Jeb White, 
Past President / CEO Tax Payers Against Fraud

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